A piece I did for class. I call it “The Scorch.”

It’s that time of the year again. #season4 #korra#sad

I agree with this Guest that the next avatars should learn the Subelemental properties of the main Elements. I hope they do it.

Yup, won today. My Cintiq22 is here, and daddy’s bout to test this baby out. Wish me luck.

Just bought this today. Can’t wait or read the Prequel to The Maze Runner. #dashnerarmy

My god. Just finished The Maze runner series!!! #deathcure. Wow one of the best series I’ve ever read since the Alex Rider series. Thanks #Dashner for this incredible world. Bout to read how it all started. #thekillorder I recommend this series to anyone who likes action, deaths, mystery, adventure, intense moments, and not that love triage bullshit other books/ movies fail to convey. #thanks#dashnerarmy

Let’s do this!!!!!!! #revolution#naruot#shippuden#game#ps3

My Noir Big Oz.

My Noir Dorothy.

My Noir Scarecrow.